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Royal Bastards by Andrew Shvarts
Royal Bastards (Royal Bastards, #1) 
byAndrew Shvarts

3 out of 5 Stars



I don’t enjoy stories where I hate the characters. For all of my deep and abiding love of schadenfreude, at the end of the day, I must be able to care. Most of us are like that, I think. So when a writer starts me off with as deeply an unpleasant setup as Shvarts* starts us off with, it sets my teeth on edge. Fatuous nobles playing power games, check. Stable boy, check. Betrayal, personal/political check and check. Whats the BINGO prize this week?

I got so close to walking away.

But I thought of you, Dear Readers, and my lack of recent reviews. I looked at the well handled dialog and the and I powered on.

And goddamn if he didn’t make it worth it.

Seriously. Shvarts takes a slightly more realistic tack in the growing-up category, by dropping you headfirst into a conflict where all bets are off, and our heroes literally have to decide where their loyalties lie, with Family, Crown, or with the people Nobility are supposed to protect.

The reality, as always, is much more complex than simply Alliance and Empire, and im really enjoying the recent trend of YA pieces with a theme of balancing the status quo vs the needs of the masses. A refreshing change after the “Me” Generation.

I’d try this one as an ebook or as a Library loan. That way you aren’t out much if you cant get past the rocky start. And libraries rock, please support them.



*If this is a nom de plume, this person is genius. if not, this is a very lucky author.

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