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On October 26, 2007 by Dawn

OK, so I transferred my Alliance main off of Kul Tiras. Dikka will now be playing on Malfurion, with a dear friend I havent gotten to spend much time with in ages. She’s the current GM, and a goodly number of my old AC guildies are members, so this is fantastic… I know *exactly* what to expect. I helped *train* some of these folks in the nettiquite of playing MMOs.

Yes nettiquite. theres a word I bet most folks havent seen in a long time. Im one of those dinosaurs who still believes in using it.

Now to get an alliance toon leveled up for my mate, and we’re back in business. For the first time since I left my horde guild, I actually WANT to play.

(Now to remember who some of these folks are… it’s been a long, long time since Asheron’s Call…)

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  • And you don’t even leave me a letter? Tsk. How rude. 😛

  • Sorry dude, but I had to jump while I was being offered… that fee is outrageous. Didnt even bring any cash with me, since Dikka is broke.

    I’ll catch you on one of my other KT toons. 😀

  • Lawl. I dunno how often you’ll see me. 🙂 I’m not even on that much these days. 😛

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